Arrival checklist



 Some tips for planning your trip to Florida


 7 days prior to hitting the road


    1. Notify Craig’s RV Park of your expected arrival date AND plan

       to arrive before dark.

    2. Forward your mail. If you would like some of our years of USPS

        tips and tricks, give us a call.

    3. Bring some labels with your home address on them, the ones

       you get from the non-profit companies work fine.

        We will be the ones to forward your mail when you leave here.

    4. You can also purchase labels from our office.

    5. Notify the credit card company of your intentions to travel.

        When you start making purchases in different states, they tend

        to put a freeze on your card. 


                PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE DARK, NO ONE PARKED AFTER DARK.                                               (1pm - 5PM) 

IF arriving on a holiday please be sure to contact the office.



  Upon Arrival check in with the office. If the office is not open pick

  up the RED phone by the door.







Departure checklist


   If the weather is getting too warm for you and the grandkids

   are asking when you're coming home.

   It must be time to plan your trip to your northern home. 


    Before 11am - NOT before 7am



    See the office to plan for your departure.

   1. Pay your final electric bill.

   2. Notify your northern post office to STOP your mail forward.

   3. You will need to leave labels with the office so we can forward

       any mail or packages that may arrive after your departure.  

   4. Notify the credit card companies again.





**Submitting the reservation form is NOT a confirmed reservation**


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