A Few Rules & Regulations....

  • Check In/Arrivals:  1 pm - 5 pm. Check in with the office so the manager can assist you with parking, meter reading & information beneficial to arrivals. We will not park anyone on lot on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • Departures: Before 11 am - Not before 7 am. See the office to make arrangements for paying your final kw and mail forward.
  • Beverages:  Alcohol is permitted on your site ONLY.
  • Pets:  Welcome in the 100, 200 & 700 lot numbers. Pet records are required.  Leashed & attended at all times.  Clean up is REQUIRED on lot/walk area, dog park, wherever your dog goes. Disposed of in the dumpster only. 
  • Firearms:  Display or discharge prohibited
  • Garbage:  Please place in tied plastic bag and carry to the compactor.  Please Recycle!
  • Laundry Room:  8 am - 10 pm.  No on site hanging, lines are available at the laundry room.  Remove when dry or before dark.  Swim suits & towels may be thrown over the back of chairs. 
  • Quiet Hours:  11 pm - 7 am.  TV's, radios, voices and noises should be lowered so as not to disturb others.
  • Rec Hall:  9 am - 10 pm.  Only 2 legged non-furry occupants, no alcohol, foul language or smoking.  Hall is for adults (children supervised).  Guests are your responsibility.  At closing time go quietly. 
  • Office:  9 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday.  Closed Holidays & weekends except for emergencies (need LP Gas now, leaving or arriving).
  • Reservation:  Lots are reserved by date.  Early arrivals or late departures must see the office to make changes to reservation.
  • Rent:  Based on 2 occupants, due on the anniversary date of your arrival, (Remember, February only has 28 days). 
  • Read & bring meter reading with you to the office when rent is due.
  • We understand our office hours don't fit everyone's busy schedule. Please discuss payment options with the office.
  • Over-flow lots are used only when no lot is available.
  • Mail: Everyone has a mailbox. Your lot # is your mailbox #. Please check your mailbox regularly.












**Submitting the reservation form is NOT a confirmed reservation**


Office Hours

 In Season

Nov 1 - May 1

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 12:00 pm 

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Closed Holidays

and Weekends.


Saturday & Sunday  Manager on duty


Off Season 

May 1 - Oct. 31

Friday's Only

10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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