A Few Rules & Regulations....

  • Check In/Arrivals:  1 pm - 5 pm. Check in with the office so the manager can assist you with parking, meter reading & information beneficial to arrivals. We prefer to not park on a holiday.  If your arrival is a holiday please be sure to notify the office.
  • Departures: Before 11 am - Not before 7 am. See the office to make arrangements for paying your final kw and mail forward.
  • Beverages:  Alcohol is permitted on your site ONLY.
  • Pets:  Welcome in the 100, 200 & 700 lot numbers. Pet records are required.  Leashed & attended at all times.  Clean up is REQUIRED on lot/walk area, dog park, wherever your dog goes. Disposed of in the dumpster only. 
  • Firearms:  Display or discharge prohibited
  • Garbage:  Please place in tied plastic bag and carry to the compactor.  Please Recycle!
  • Laundry Room:  8 am - 10 pm.  Please don't start your laundry & leave the park, remember, other people are waiting to do their laundry.  No on site hanging, lines are available at the laundry room.  Remove when dry or before dark.  Swim suits & towels may be thrown over the back of chairs. 
  • Quiet Hours:  11 pm - 7 am.  TV's, radios, voices and noises should be lowered so as not to disturb others.
  • Rec Hall:  9 am - 10 pm.  Only 2 legged non-furry occupants, no alcohol, foul language or smoking.  Hall is for adults (children supervised).  Guests are your responsibility.  At closing time go quietly. 
  • Office:  9 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday.  Closed Holidays & weekends except for emergencies (need LP Gas now, leaving or arriving).
  • Reservation:  Lots are reserved by date.  Early arrivals or late departures must be cleared through the office, as soon as possible.
  • Rent:  Based on 2 occupants, due on the anniversary date of your arrival, (Remember, February only has 28 days). 
  • Read & bring meter reading with you to the office when rent is due.
  • We understand our office hours don't fit everyone's busy schedule. Please discuss payment options with the office.
  • Over-flow lots are used only when no lot is available.
  • Mail: Everyone has a mailbox. Your lot # is your mailbox #. Please check your mailbox regularly.












**Submitting the reservation form is NOT a confirmed reservation**


Office Hours

 In Season

Nov 1 - May 1

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 12:00 pm 

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Closed Holidays

and Weekends.


Saturday & Sunday  Manager on duty


Off Season 

May 1 - Oct. 31

Friday's Only

10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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